Thursday, January 28, 2016

T-SHIRTS : Valentine's Skull

     I had to order my own to make sure I liked the quality of Amazon's Tshirt printing, but I received mine today and it looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself. So Adam (CleverT owner) has the following two color versions of the shirt listed, and I've placed links below each. :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

T-SHIRTS : experimental Amazon product

     Above is a screenshot of a listing on Amazon for a T-shirt with some original artwork I did. This is a new thing I'm trying out.
     A high school friend contacted me recently, and said he's been selling T-shirts on Amazon through a new venture they have in which Amazon prints and ships the shirts on demand. My friend's company is "CleverT," and he asked if I'd be interested in doing some designs and sharing profits.
     What I'm most interested in is seeing what the quality of the printing on the shirts is like. Usually print-on-demand isn't the best quality. I've done CafePress before, and others like it, and the image is usually okay at first, but grows faint quickly, especially when washed.
     He's doing a test one for me, and I'm going to wait until I see Amazon's t-shirt printing quality before I start really promoting this.
     But I have to say it's nice to have somebody else doing the legwork to create the listing, and I like the way he worded the stuff about me and my artwork. So, that's cool.

Here's a link to the page:

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Anthony displaying his peanut butter cookies
A moment before the shot above, Aunt Wanda's dog, Abby, rushes in to sniff his crotch.

     I'm posting this way after the fact, but I think we did this on December 12th, the Saturday before my last week of work before winter break. I wanted to have homemade stuff to give coworkers and students.

Mom in her cute apron

     Mom, Anthony and I all gathered at Aunt Wanda's house, and made all sorts of good stuff. Lemon bars, chocolate chip cookies, pretzels dipped in stuff, peanut butter cookies, and various other cookie-like things. I'm getting over a flu right now, so I can't think too much about that, or it'll be barf time again.
     But we made lots of great stuff and had a really good time.

Aunt Wanda presiding over baking supplies

     This has been a tradition with us for the last five years or so, to gather for "Family Bake Day" sometime around mid-December.

Me with my chocolate chip cookies

Mom and me working on the pretzel goo

YOU CAN'T CATCH ME: Vintage Cookie Cutters

     In December we had Family Bake Day at Aunt Wanda's house, and she keeps turning up all these awesome old antique things every time we turn around. I don't know where she keeps finding them, because we've helped her clear out her garage and stuff several times. But her late husband lived in that house for many years, and apparently never threw anything away, and even kept things in their original packaging forever, when not in use.
     I love this old "Ginger Boy" cookie cutter. Is that racist? Somehow, calling him a Ginger Boy instead of a GingerBREAD Boy seems like it could be offensive to gingers. But, not being a ginger, who gives a shit?

     Dude, there's even a recipe on the back!

Note the weaponry and strange hat.
     This other one is probably not quite as old, but still of vintage stock, I think. I don't understand its weird hat. And why do we have to bring guns into it? Stop the violence, Gingerbread Boy.