Sunday, February 14, 2016

T-SHIRTS : "Razors"

"Razors" t-shirt design on Amazon, courtesy of "CleverT"

     This is another design I did for CleverT. There are two colorways available. One is for a black or dark shirt, and the other is for lighter or brighter colors.
     You can buy it on Amazon HERE.
I can't decide which background color I like better- red, or blue.

ORIGINAL ART : "Artificial Demonology"

"Artificial Demonology"

Photoshop Quickie : CRIMSON PEEP

     Did I get to this before somebody else did? I Googled "Crimson Peep," and didn't find anything like this. Anyway, just thought I'd leave this here.

Monday, February 8, 2016

T-SHIRTS : Scream of the Bear

"Screaming Bear"
design for T-shirt by yours truly.

     I did another design that CleverT has released as a special limited run Tshirt. Here's a screenshot of the listing on Amazon:

     Click HERE to purchase it from Amazon!
    But please note, they run SMALL, so order several sizes larger than you think you'll need. I prefer men's 3x, because then it's comfortable and there's room to grow. Not that I plan to grow any fatter, but the trend is pretty obvious at this point.