Friday, October 12, 2012


1)  Are you right-nosed, or left-nosed?

2)  Do you have a favorite berry? If so, when?

3)  Name the first 5 bikinis that come to mind:

4)  If you could be any character from 1980's sitcom The Facts of Life, whom would you kill?

5)  In one word or less, describe something:

6)  Where do you see yourself in 5 beers?

7)  Finish this sentence:
          I feel my butt if _____________________.

8)  Can you smell like a chicken?

9)  Why? (Does not relate to previous question)


  1. 1) Interesting fact: people alternate which nostril they breathe through more dominantly throughout the day, usually in about 4-hour cycles. Weird huh?

    2) Banana, usually in the morning.

    3) Bikini Atoll, Bikini Bottom, Strapless Evening Bikini.

    4) All dilettantes.

    5) Mois

    6) Only slightly buzzed.

    7) ...I think about Christina Amphlett.

    8) Do you mean detect odors or emit odors? Either way, yes.

    9) 42.

  2. 1. Left
    2. Blueberry, in the morning
    3. Yellow polka dot; pink polka dot; red polka dot; the one Cindy Crawford wore in...well, in that picture, and let's leave it at that; mom's *shudder*
    4.Tootie, Tootie
    5. Infinite
    6. Diabetic
    7. if'n I want to.
    8. Can I NOT.
    9. It's complicated. You wouldn't understand.

  3. Very good answers, gentlemen. I appreciate your prompt compliance. I have to say my favorite of both of your answers is #8.
    Your answers will be entered into a complex matrix, compared and calculated with others, and I will let you know the results when available.

  4. 1-Both of my noses are at an equal distance of my eye.

    2- Blueberry because he is sexy and has a beard.

    3- Bikini beach, bikini sun, bikini artic, bikini moutain, invisible bikini.

    4-I'm french, I do not know any of your weird sitcoms.

    5- Ihatehallthecheeze

    6- In the Bearverse

    7-- if you can feel it too!

    8- if I stop making eggs, yes, after a while.

    9- Because there had to be a 9th question.