Wednesday, August 17, 2011

IN THE DREAMHOUSE: 3-headed sock puppet

          A few nights ago I had this surreal dream (hard to describe) that involved sock puppets I had made, and putting on a show with them, and stringing little Christmas tree lights through them for eyes. There was also playground equipment; swings hanging from chains, that sort of thing. I levitated up to a chalked gymnastics bar and was performing puppet shows on the monkey bars or whatever they were. Before I went to bed I had NOT been drinking or smoking anything, so I'm not sure why my dreams were so loopy.
This was my first attempt at drawing the 3-headed sock puppet from my dream
          The first time I tried drawing that 3-headed puppet, my creative license took over and I made it too cute, with a little hat and some props. Then I realized the REAL 3-headed sock puppet with lights for eyes looked more like this:
More lumpen, less jaunty
          Now maybe I can stop thinking about that stupid puppet.


  1. The second one (or 3) is creeeeepier....this one would give me nightmares especially if it talks, all 3 mouths at once! YIKES!

    The other night I dreamt I got out of bed and went to the living room where there I a lifesize pic book illustration, sitting in a circus type train car with a monkey & bunches of bananas! I was smiling, so I did look quite happy. But who wouldn't look happy with a monkey on her lap & all of those bananners! Apparently, my niece had entered my pic book in a contest and I won. Only thing is... I haven't written a pic book with a monkey!!!

    Dreams are funny! :-)

  2. That's an awesome dream, Maria! Obviously you're supposed to write about a monkey now. And it better be award-winning! ;)