Friday, May 13, 2011

ALBINO SNAIL: cursed by God

Grainy cell phone photo, but you can see this little fellow is clearly an unnatural freak
          On the way out to my truck this morning I passed a small herd of snails making their ponderous way toward the pool.  One of them was set a little apart from the others, and I noticed right away that it was offensively different from its fellows.  Instead of the normal gray, this one snail was a horrid, god-cursed milky yellow-white.  With just a hint of a greenish tinge.  Exactly the color of glow-in-the-dark stuff, know what I mean?
          I crouched down beside it and hissed, "You make me SICK." 
          Then I took pictures of it and left for work.


  1. I don't actually know how to respond to that. I know--how about some 'Wicked Bugs' trivia? (You gotta get the book--it's awesome!) So, there's this parasite, whose eggs are found in bird droppings, and snails eat the droppings, and the parasites get into the snail's tentacles, altering them so the snail can't retract them (or see anymore).Then, the tentacles turn bright colors and the parasite waves them around so that birds will see the snail and eat it...thus passing the parasite back into the bird. What's that? TMI? Well, you asked for it...freaky-snail hater.

  2. Wow, Annie, that's awesome! Horrible for the snails, but awesome. Not to mention that at first glance I read it as, "the parasites get into the snail's testicles."

  3. Dang it, Tommy. Please warn me you're gonna say something that funny, so I am prepared not to pee my pants laughing!