Sunday, February 13, 2011

IN THE DREAMHOUSE: the Winchester Mystery House

          Last night I dreamed about the Winchester Mystery House YET AGAIN.  I dream about it probably once a month, and have done so fairly regularly since I first visited there with my parents when I was about 7.
          I had been staying there, like it was a hotel, and was actually crying about having to leave it.  There was wallpaper with a pattern of weeping cherub's faces in relief, and I kept running my fingers across their faces.
          In the dream, Anthony and I were staying there with my stepsister and her husband and sons.  Our beds were on this broad second-floor gallery, and our last morning there a sinister man with a black mustache served us brunch.  He obviously hated us, and I was afraid he might be slipping poison into the food and drink.  I glanced up and noticed a procession of ghosts serving themselves from a sideboard along the wall.  I eavesdropped on their conversations, and discovered many of them saying perverse and obscene things.

          Somewhere along the way my stepsister and her family turned into the cast of I Love Lucy.  Anthony and I were moving furniture with them, and of course hijinks ensued.  But the hijinks element was incongruous with the spooky setting and huge unwieldy gothic Victorian furniture.
          Part of my dream was also the story of two children, a brother and sister, who were trapped in the Winchester House, and only the girl survived.  She had to fight an evil ghost woman who wanted to trap her soul there forever.  The ghost lured the girl up into the highest reaches of the house, even a vaulted attic.  But the girl managed to trick the woman and cast HER into the heart of the house forever. 
          When the girl finally escaped the house and walked along the seashore, she came across a crab that had her dead brother's face, and realized he had been reincarnated.  This was like a happy ending to their story, though, because she was glad his soul wasn't trapped forever in the Winchester House.


  1. I want to comment, but I am still trying to deal with the juxtaposition of I Love Lucy and the Winchester House. What a dream! Like, an anthology of dreams! And a cool read--thanks for sharing. I don't think I'll order the crab for lunch today.

  2. With all of those weird staircases and doors, some leading nowhere, and a seance room where Mrs. Winchester summoned spirits who met their untimely deaths by the Winchester rifle, and number 13 popping up throughout the mansion, I can see how your 7-year-old imagination lurched into overdrive. Joey and I went once and I thought it was a super cool place. Every Halloween they have a flashlight tour! Maybe Lucy and her pals were the comic relief in your dream. Love the detail in your dream especially the wallpaper of weeping cherubs and the ghosts in the buffet line! The man with the black moustache is quite mysterious, too! Wonder who he is? may have to revisit your dream to find out. Why not ask him?

  3. I am a HUGE Winchester House fan. I've never been there myself, but's a dream of mine to finally go. I think you should turn part of your dream story (the girl who escapes the the evil woman in the house) into a comic. Maybe you can re-visit the Winchester house and incorporate more of the details into the story? Talk to the people who run the Mystery House and see if they're on borad, I bet they'd sell your Winchester Mystery House comic in their store and promote it on their site.